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Photo: I was somewhere in the Rockies travelling from Alberta to BC

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6 thoughts on “Questions? Comments?

  1. In your winter CRM work have you ever encountered evidence of snow ninjas? You can’t see them, but I hear they’re dangerous…

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  2. Pelee! I would’ve killed have a wonderful pit like that! Did you have a Glacial geologist with you to document that sedimentology? I never got to stay in one place on the Lake Erie Islands & sand-rich parts of the Shoreline long enough to dig such a beautiful pit! Natural outcrops are the bulk of my fieldnotes.


  3. Your “Sometimes Archaeology Sucks” post really resonated with me. I run a tumblr blog called archaeologysucks, the entire point of which is to let young folks thinking of getting into archaeology know about the realities of the job.

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    1. Thank your for sharing your comment! I totally agree. As wonderful as archaeology can be, there are also many times it’s not so great. We should definitely be sharing the full picture with those who are thinking about getting into archaeology


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