Publications & Contributions


Masters Thesis

  • 2017 – “The Glass Beads of Sexwamin” University of Toronto (PDF copy available upon request)

Public Speaking, Podcasts, and Interviews


Conference/Symposium Presentations

Society for Historical Archaeology

  • 2023 – Poster: “Uncovering the Lost Land: The Archaeology of Conspiracism and New Age Spirituality in Southern British Columbia.”
  • 2022 – Paper (withdrawn, due to COVID-19 travel concerns): “Re-Whiteing the Past: The Use of Archaeology and Pseudoarchaeology by White Nationalists in North America”

Cultural Heritage Crime Conference

Realizing Resistance Episode II: Uncharted Galaxies; An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Star Wars Universe

  • 2021 – Paper (co-authored with Alex Fitzpatrick): “There is Power in the Past: The Politicization of Archaeology and Heritage in the Star Wars Universe.”

Institute for American Indian Studies Annual Native American Archaeology Roundtable: Martians, Atlanteans, and Lost Tribes: Pseudo-archaeology and Its Impact on Native American Studies – IAIS’s 15th Annual Native American Archaeology Roundtable

  • 2020 – Paper: “Here, they made their magic. How a Cult Found Egyptian and First Nations Magic in British Columbia.”

Society for American Archaeology Annual Conference

  • 2019 – Symposium, Co-Chair, “Interactions with Pseudoarchaeology: Approaches to the Use of Social Media and the Internet for Correcting Misconceptions of Archaeology in Virtual Spaces”
  • 2018 – Poster, “The Blown Glass Beads of Garden Bay, British Columbia”
  • 2018 – Electronic Symposium, Chair, “From the Ground Up: Updates and Lessons Learned from an Open North American Archaeology Textbook”

Canadian Archaeological Association Annual Conference

  • 2022 – Session Chair: Hybrid (session included virtual and in-person presentations). The Archaeology Of and In the Contemporary World
  • 2021 – Session Chair: Archaeology and Heritage in the Contemporary World. 
  • 2021 – Paper: “Myth-Taking and Myth-Making: Exploring the Use of Pseudoarchaeology in Lost City Explorers and Arkworld”
  • 2017 – Presentation, “A New Style of Glass Bead from Garden Bay, British Columbia”

British Columbia Association of Professional Archaeologists Annual General Meeting

  • 2020 – “Why Complaint Matters.
  • 2019 – “”It Ticks you off…Because it’s a Waste”; Why Archaeologists Need to Talk About Archaeology”

Canadian Association for Physical Anthropologists Annual Conference

  • 2015 – Invited presentation, “Two cases of  Bipartite Coracoids from the Trail Bay Site (DiRw-28), Sechelt, British Columbia”

Frucht Memorial Student Conference, University of Alberta

  • 2012 – Poster, “The Pathologies of Wolverine (Gulo gulo) K981.02″
  • 2011 – Poster, “Differential Diagnosis of Tuberculosis, Leprosy, and Treponematoses: Does aDNA Help?”
  • 2010 – Poster, “Artifical Cranial Modification Among First Nations Populations of British Columbia” (won first place in the poster competition)


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