The shishalh Archaeological Research Project

Photo: it’s a rough view to face at work

For the month of August I’m back in my motherland, British Columbia, as a member of the shíshálh Archaeological Research Project. It’s an ongoing project which started in 2009 as a collaboration between the shíshálh nation, University of Toronto, and the Canadian Museum of History.  It’s an amazing project that would be nothing without the tremendous support from the shíshálh nation.  Focusing on different sites within shíshálh territory on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, this year’s project features a super cool village along the southwest side of Sechelt Inlet.  Check out sARP’s blog (co-directed by yours truly), and my Instagram page, for awesome photos and posts by students and members of the project!

DjRw-2 bone needle
Awesome bone needle found in one of our units.  Check out the sARP blog for more photos and info about the 2016 field season!

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