Introduction to North American Archaeology Open Access Textbook – A Call for Contributions!

I’ve been pretty absent as of lately, but I promise I have some good excuses!  Firstly, I was in BC for a month for fieldwork.  And secondly, I’ve been busy writing up my Masters thesis!

Today I’ve interrupted that writing to bring you a short, but exciting message!  I’ve been invited to work with Dr. Katherine Kirakosian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst on developing an open access introductory textbook on North American archaeology.  It’s a super cool project and, with the push for science to go more open access, a fantastic idea to have an open access textbook.  Here’s the catch – we can’t do it alone!  Consider this blog post an official call for contributions! Dr. Kirakosian and I have been working together for a couple of weeks now on developing the format and timeline for this project to share with those who are interested in joining as co-authors, steering committee members, or both!  We’re inviting any grad students, CRM archaeologists, and academic archaeologists who work in North American archaeology and are interested in joining us on developing this brand new textbook!  The chapters will cover (and thus the contributions we’re looking for):

  • North American Archaeology today – a survey of the discipline
  • North America’s First Inhabitants
  • Arctic and Subarctic
  • The Northwest Coast
  • California
  • The Southwest
  • The Southeast
  • The Great Basin
  • The Plataeu
  • The Plains
  • The Eastern Woodlands
  • Historical Archaeology

Please feel free to share this blog post and its details with anyone you think might be interested!  You can contact me for more details (via either my blog or Twitter), Dr. Kirakosian can be reached by email:  And join us on Twitter: @INAArchaeology !  I hope you’ll join us!

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