The AGEAC Talk Part Two: An Esoteric Experience

Pic: As I learned, only some people have psychic access to proof for the existence of Atlantis (Source)

If you haven’t already read it, I strongly suggest reading Part One of my discussion. It’s full of background information on the myths of Atlantis that will help you make the connections to Part Two, my discussion about the talk itself. But, if you haven’t read the first part, I’ll catch you up to what I’m writing about. I went to a public talk, given by the Geophilosophical Asssociation of Anthropology and Cultural Studies (AGEAC), titled “Atlantis: Myth or Reality?” I had never heard of the AGEAC, but I certainly had heard of Atlantis so I decided this was a talk not to be missed.

The talk was held in a small but comfortable and formal auditorium at the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Knowing I wanted to take notes during the talk, my husband and I chose a couple of seats at the far end of an aisle, hoping my notebook wouldn’t be distracting to any of the other audience members. We were only a couple of rows back from the small stage and luckily had a clear view of the screen. I noted there were between 30-40 other audience members, with the youngest looking like they were around 12, 13 years old and the oldest being in their 60’s or 70’s.

The first speaker (I’m not going to identify the speakers) was the woman I had seen earlier at the guest book table. She very quickly introduced herself and gave a short speech on what AGEAC was all about. ‘Geophilosophy’ refers to the study of philosophies from all around the world. The organization teaches weekly classes and employs about 500 teachers in 40 countries around the world with the goal of sharing the “universal truths contained in the wisdom of the past.”

Following this she introduced the next speaker who would be giving the rest of the lecture. He carried on with a similar message, informing us he wasn’t here to convince us of anything. Instead, he was going to present facts that “none of us should ignore.” From this point on I’m going to subdivide my discussion into the main themes covered in the lecture. There was A LOT of ground covered, but surprisingly Atlantis was only mentioned by name a few times. The feeling was that the audience had to assume that everything being discussed was related to Atlantis (which is why reading Part One will come in handy). I’m simply going to write about what was discussed in the lecture, as an example of how pseudoarchaeology can be presented. At the bottom of this slightly longer post I’ll share some links for additional, topic-related information you might find interesting to read.

Cyclopean Architecture, Giants, and Lost Advanced Civilizations

An example of cyclopean architecture from Sacsayhuamán, Peru, the site of which was discussed in the lecture

The lecture began with Darwin’s theory of evolution on a slide titled, “Mainstream Anthropology and History”. The speaker stated that more and more scientists are beginning to disagree with Darwin and that he was going to show us the increasing amount of facts which contradict what is currently known of human history.

A lot of lecture was devoted to ‘cyclopean architecture’. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term (it’s usually called cyclopean masonry), this is a style of stone work in which walls are made out of massive boulders (sometimes worked to be a bit smoother) that were fit together with no mortar. The speaker claimed (through examples from Egypt and Peru) that it was impossible for humans to have built any sort of cyclopean architecture themselves. For example, the Great Pyramid of Giza. He explained that the Egyptologists version was that the pyramid was built by “primitive slaves with primitive tools”, but “professional scientists” had concluded that this was impossible, even with today’s tools. The pyramid was too large and the alignment to the 4 cardinal points was “too perfect”. Furthermore, the Saqarra Vases and the Ramses II statue in the Temple of Luxor were “too symmetrical” and once again “too perfect”. This was used as the jumping point into the idea of a lost highly advanced civilization – there was no way humans, who supposedly came from “slow-evolving Homo sapiens” could have built such large or such perfect structures and statues.

Not only was this lost civilization highly advanced, but they were also giants. At this point in the lecture, the speaker showed this photo (which is not a real photo, it’s one of many popular digitally altered images of “giants”):

I found the photo used in the lecture on Google.

We learned the Atlanteans were known to be giants, measuring about 3 metres tall and living to approximately 500 years old. Beyond skeletal remains, such as those depicted in photographs, archaeological evidence for giants includes the megalithic bathtubs found in Laos at the Plain of Jars.

Physical and Linguistic Similarities Between Cultures

One of the Olmec colossal heads from the website I’ve already linked to

The speaker put a photo of an Olmec colossal head on the screen and asked the audience, “Where do you think this is from?” After a moment of silence he said, “You probably think this is from Africa because this man has very African features. You’ll be surprised to know this was found in Mexico.” The colossal heads were also used as proof of advanced giants. Not only because of the skill in carving the stone but because of the sheer size of it as well (they were life-size representations). The speaker then put up a photo of some small Olmec figurines and asked the same question, following up with “You probably thought these were Chinese men, but they are also from Mexico.” The next photo was of a modern Mexican woman followed by a modern Philippine woman, again with comments of how similar these two women looked. The speaker discussed how the “mainstream” theorized that people had come into the Americas via the Bering Strait Bridge, but the problem was that there were no skeletal remains to support this. Physical looks combined with world-wide similarities in languages (“God” in various languages was used as an example) points to a common origin for all people as being in the Atlantic Ocean.

Floods and the Destruction of Atlantis

The Sunken City off Cuba

As Plato wrote in Critias, Atlantis was destroyed by earthquakes and sunk into the sea, which many believe to be the Atlantic ocean. The speaker showed several images from Cuba (the Sunken City) and Bimini (the Bimini Road), and described an underwater pyramid from Azores as proof that the entire, spread-out empire of Atlantis (reached all across the Atlantic Ocean, including to the Canadian Maritimes) had been destroyed and sunk into the ocean.

The speaker described several other sources of proof for floods and destruction of Atlantis. Specific symbols from the Aztec Calendar Stone were interpreted to mean that a civilization prior to modern humanity had been destroyed by water. Skeletons from Mohenjo Daro were described as proof the city had been destroyed by floods. Le Plongeon’s translation of the Madrid Codex was used to describe earthquakes and the sinking of the “Land of Mu” and its “64 million inhabitants”.

The Chronovisor and An Awoken Conscious

Describing the Akashic Records

The speaker went into detail the descriptions of Atlantis from the historical documents written by Plato, the Timaeus and Critias. He then stated that those details had been “confirmed as true by men and women with an awoken conscious”. What is an ‘awoken conscious’? It’s a psychological trait which allowed awoken men and women to know and understand things about humanity’s past, present, and future. They did this through the esoteric knowledge contained within the Akashic Records, which they could psychically access. For example, the biblical Noah was a man with an awoken conscious, and it was through this that he was able to prepare himself for the upcoming flood (and save others with awoken consciousnesses).

These awoken men and women also used the Chronovisor to help them access the past. As the speaker explained, all of life’s events left behind electronic radiation. The Chronovisor was a machine built in the 1960’s by Italian priest and scientist Pellegrino Ernetti. This machine could detect and decode the electronic radiation and project visible scenes from the past. It was through the combination of the awoken conscious and Chronovisor where knowledge of Atlantis came from. This included description of their highly advanced technology, including space ships which were used to visit every planet in the solar system. They also engaged in nuclear wars, physical evidence for which could be found in glass from Mohenjo Daro.

And that was the end of the lecture. There was a short question period at the end of the presentation and several audience members asked genuine questions, which made it clear they were very interested in learning more. It certainly was an eye-opening experience for me, though not in the way the speakers intended

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